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Anti Bullying


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This course is in two parallel versions, one for those identified as ‘bullies', one for those identified as ‘victims'. Both will follow a broadly similar programme, which uses a type of transactional analysis to understand the dynamics of relationships but with different emphases in each case. This will lead to the development of a cognitive and behavioural ‘toolkit' that will enable participants to increase their awareness and manage their future behaviour more effectively.

This course will be suitable for those who are or have been involved in bullying, either as perpetrators, victims or by-standers – in other words, most people. We anticipate that versions of this material will be used in schools, in community settings with young adults and in prisons.

Those identified as ‘bully-victims' should be offered a ‘victim' oriented course in a separate cohort.

Versions of this material will be developed for groups from age 14 up.

Course content

  • Awareness
  • Facing Fears
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Gaining Understanding
  • Challenges
  • Healing Wounds
  • Toolkit


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